Why “Gaji”?

A number of blind men came to an elephant. Somebody told them that it was an elephant. The blind men asked, ‘What is the elephant like?’ and they began to touch its body. One of them said: ‘It is like a pillar.’ This blind man had only touched its leg. Another man said, ‘The elephant is like a hand fan.’ This person had only touched its ears. Similarly, he who touched its belly talked of it as a wall, he who touched its tail thought of it as a brush, and so on. [Source]

  • We are inspired by the story of the blind men and the elephant. Gaji means elephant in Sanskrit.
  • We take all the parts of the elephant, put them together and reveal the entire animal.

Our mission is to implement world class research practices, procedures and rules that distill data into clear, precise, actionable insights.

  • We are not afraid to speak about the elephant in the room.